Unified Comms with Yodekoo

Save money on your calls and get all the benefits and features of a hosted telephony system with Yodekoo.

Also known as VoIP, hosted telephony bypasses most of your old telephone network and instead uses your broadband connection to route calls, making your calls much cheaper. You can add new users to the system as and when your business expands, which also saves you money on additional installation and rental costs.

Yodekoo hosted telephony is a cloud-based service, making it extremely easy to configure and you can control, manage and monitor your system through the simple-to-use web portal.


Unified Comms


Being an independent company we can provide some of the most competitive price plan on the market.


Whether you have one line or many thousands, we can seamlessly transfer your existing lines quickly and efficiently.


A full range of price plans ensure that your business is on the best possible contract available.

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